Have a question? Here is a list of our FAQs

Why / How are we different (eg. from other bushfire resistant homes)?

Our Convertible Homes are Bushfire & Storm Resistant meeting or exceeding BAL40 requirements.

How long does a Convertible Home take to build?

Generally you can expect a build period of approx. 6 – 8 months which is of course also dependant on the size of your home.

Is the Convertible Home a prefab built home?

The majority of the superstructure is manufactured from semi-prefabricated components.

Can we choose our own builder?

Yes you’re able to source your own head contractor to oversee the construction and we will work in with them attending the site at designated milestone stages to answer any questions.

Can you create custom designs?

We will be happy to work with you designing your own bespoke Convertible Home to suit your individual requirements.

Do you have standard inclusions?

We will provide an itemised list of what’s included and what’s excluded in your Convertible Home.