Our company history

The Designology team are designers, builders and multi-award winning innovators of sustainable and affordable building solutions; our company knows the best solutions for harsh weather environments, coastal and bushfire regions.

Designology was formed by principal designer Kevin Starling in 1985. After years of happily creating custom designs for new homes and alterations to client’s requirements Designology was given a curly brief. The design brief had an extensive list of requirements; it had to be environmentally sustainable, durable, semi-prefabricated, low embodied energy, highly secure and bushfire resistant. Rising to the challenge the Convertible House was born and prototyped in 2010.

After much refinement, the Convertible House has now become a renowned and celebrated industry alternative for living in Australia’s harsh climates. It’s an environmentally sustainable bushfire and storm resistant dwelling. The house is off-grid producing its own energy and heating, harvests rain water and treats grey and black water on site. Due to this off-grid design and flexible features the Convertible House can be adapted to suit a wide range of climate zones and isolated locations. The structures can be built quickly, are inexpensive compared to traditional structures and offer a realistic solution for disaster recovery, holiday park developments, mining, communal or retirement villages.

While the Convertible House offers a good option for a beach house or secure and bushfire resistant holiday home in the mountains. As a company, Designology has pushed the design perimeters further to create HyBRED Homes for sustainable, storm and bushfire resistant high spec family homes in urban settings.

Combine with these custom design and build – where the team continue to thrive on providing innovative design to meet client requirements – and you have the three pillars that are Designology.







Principal designer and founder

Kevin Starling

Kevin has been creating customised design solutions for clients for over 30 years. He started the company. He is highly experienced in all the interesting stuff – architectural design & documentation, presentation, structural documentation, specification writing, building supervision, contract administration, tendering and liaison with associated consultants and local authorities.

While Kevin still loves helping clients create their own individual sanctuary his understanding of the need for specific house designs that respond to our changing climate, and the risks that houses in rural and coastal areas are exposed to, is highly acclaimed.

Having received eight industry awards for his Convertible House designs Kevin is a rock star in the sustainable design space. You may read about Kevin in the press, no doubt when receiving another accolade for his Convertible House. Or you may find him speaking at industry forums on sustainable building design.

Senior Designer

Stephen Psalia

Stephen Psalia is Kevin Starling’s ‘right hand man’.

Finance and Administration Manager

Sylvia Seiboth

Sylvia holds the fort and keeps the home bushfires burning by handling all things administrative. Sylvia is more than happy to chat to you about your upcoming project, help with any questions and point you in the right direction. Or show her agile manoeuvres through the red tape process.